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Artisanal, hoof-made (we're unicorns... get it?) soaps and skin care are just a few clicks away. Luxury you can afford made with wit and whimsey you cannot afford to live without!

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The Dirty & Proud Collection

These soaps and bath bombs have been inspired by the major flags of the LGBTQIA+ community!

Self Care with Pride!


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Slick, Shine, & Shimmer:

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Primp & Polish

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Who is a Dirty Unicorn?

A unicorn is typically described as a rare individual with exceptional talents and skills with impeccable manners. In other words PERFECTION.

WE, however, believe we all be unicorns!  
We aren’t perfect (boring)
We don’t radiate innocence (maybe when we really need to)
We may or may not even sparkle (ok... this one we totally do)
But we’ve all got something special going on!

We All Unicorns… just a bit grubby